Market Soundbite: Japan & the Clean Tanker Markets

Japanese Yards Remain Solid Contenders in the Clean Tanker Markets Japanese yards remain an important hub for clean product tanker orders, and are currently booked...
bulk shipping

Dry Cargo Broker Viewpoint

A consensus is building among Panamax observers and traders that the mid-range bulkers are poised for a quite positive 6-8 weeks ahead as a...
global container shipping

Global Container Shipping to Face yet Another Crisis?

By Jose Paul (Drewry) The year 2017 saw a modest recovery in container shipping after a disastrous performance in 2016. According to Drewry maritime research...

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IMO 2020 Impacts Varied

The impact of new regulations set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) will vary across the MENA region. Source: APICORP

Enhancing Port and Coastal Infrastructure

This note analyses the potential of SAGARMALA project for port- led development; investment opportunities in coastal areas; scope for promoting blue economy; maritime support...

Competition on Maritime Routes in the Liner Shipping Industry

Assessing competition on Maritime Routes in the Liner Shipping Industry through multivariate analysis. Source: Nikola Kutin, Patrice Guillotreau, Thomas Vallée