Weak Ton Mile Demand Responsible for Low Clean Tanker Rate

Until May 2016, ton mile demand was rising and rates were structurally higher (in the green shaded area). Since then, ton mile demand has...
IMO 2020 sulphur

IMO 2020: New Fuel Options Gain Pace

By John Roper, Managing Director & Head of Middle East, Uniper Global Commodities SE For the first time since engines replaced sails in the early 19th...

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Shipping Energy Commodities

Shipping facilitates the movement of coal, oil and gas. The energy transition from fossil fuels means that shipping and ports are exposed to substantial...

Automation, Technology & Employment

The future of work in the shipping and ports sector given likely changes in automation and technology. Author: Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry

LNG as a Marine Fuel

Status and trends of LNG as a marine fuel from Norway. Authors: Tom Kleppesto, DNV-GL