Maritime and Naval Test and Development Symposium in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Maritime and Naval Test and Development Symposium is the world’s only conference dedicated to discussing the latest and next-generation validation tools and techniques designed to help guarantee the durability, performance and sea-worthiness of new vessels of all sizes, including their onboard systems and new components.

This unique conference will also discuss innovative testing and simulation tools that can reduce product development cycles, plus techniques to reduce product failure and ensure optimum operational efficiency, reliability and safety.

Leading test and certification experts from around the world will present exclusive papers and participate in lively debate about how component and complete vessel performance can be improved through the application of advanced subjective validation technologies. Laboratory testing and CAE application can revolutionise the way tomorrow’s vessels go from concept to reality.

Discussion areas include:
Marine engine testing
Resistance and propulsion testing
Durability testing
Stability testing
Environmental testing
Emissions testing
EMC testing
Marine electronics testing
Radio testing
Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing
Shock and vibration testing
Hydrodynamic testing
NVH measurement tools
Physical model testing
Simulation software, computer modelling, and CFD
Future classification requirements, certification, and maritime standards
Material testing and evaluation
FEM analysis
Manoeuvrability and stability analysis
Propeller testing
Electrical system testing
Fuel testing
Structural testing
Flammability/fire resistance testing



3 day pass: EUR 1750
2 day pass: EUR 1610

Date(s) - 27/06/2018 - 29/06/2018

Organiser: Mike Robinson
Phone: 4401306743744

Netherlands, Amsterdam