Australian Maritime Workforce Development Strategy

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Published 05/31/2013 by Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

This is  the first national workforce development strategy prepared for the Australian  maritime industry.  It has been put together by the Maritime Workforce  Development Forum, a maritime industry body working together to secure the  future of the Australian maritime sector.

The aim of the strategy is to grow Australian maritime  capability in order to protect national security and promote trade and economic  growth.  The strategy sets out some clear directions for the maritime  industry workforce and establishes a national focus for the industry to take  them forward.  It is clear that the strategy is quite significant in both  its scope and potential to transform the maritime workforce.  Some of the  recommendations will require regulation or Government financing, and all will  require industry goodwill to operationalise them.

The Forum started its work early last year, shaping  strategic responses to the skills issues facing the maritime industry, and  building strategic and productive working relationships across the maritime and  training sectors.  The various players in the maritime sector have come  together for the good of the national industry and agreed a number of national  workforce priorities which will drive the ongoing development and strengthening  of our maritime cluster.

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